House full of sweets!

Cupcakes and cookies and pies, OH MY!! Every year, my house is full of sweets during this week in June. There is a lot of celebrating to be done for the Audino family between Father's Day, my husband's birthday (6/24), and our anniversary (6/20)! This year, we are experiencing a whole new level of sweetness!! For the past month, Teresa and I have been inundating our homes with all kinds of goodies from our bakery menu as we test out old recipes in order to photograph them and explore new recipes. Needless to say, our kids are loving it - however, our waistlines are not as pleased!! With each new photo you see posted to our menu on the website or to our Facebook and Instagram pages, we are doing our best to maintain willpower and not eat the entire dessert. Help us get these treats out of our houses (and bellies) and order some for you or your loved ones! Emma, Evan, Elizabeth, and Katherine might not agree, but Teresa and I will be forever grateful for your business!

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