Our Story

Starting a new job is always a bit nerve-wracking.  In early August, 2005, a group of experienced teachers were taking a new step in their careers by moving to a new school.  Their principal held a meeting to prepare them for their first day.  Lauren Audino and Teresa Dugger were part of that group.  Little did Lauren and Teresa know, the journey they were about to embark upon would take them far beyond the walls of their classrooms.  As time went by, the respect they had for each other professionally blossomed into a personal friendship.

As they spent time together, they began to realize they shared passions outside of teaching.  It started with their love of baking.  With each passing party or family gathering, Lauren and Teresa were constantly asked to provide their delicious desserts.  People were beginning to request these treats for their own family gatherings and parties! 


The next chapter included a love of photography.  Teresa turned her hobby into a profession.  Timing was perfect as Lauren's family was growing with the birth of her two daughters.  Nothing says friendship like trying to photograph two silly toddlers!

Twelve years later, Lauren and Teresa met for a casual lunch.  As they chatted and laughed, talking about all the things that make them happy, Sweet Memories was born!  This business is the combination of all their passions and talents.  They both have great skill in the kitchen.  Teresa has an eye for beautiful photography as well as stunning party decor.  Lauren is most comfortable when sharing her love of music with children of all ages and enjoys planning the perfect get-together.  They are so excited to be sharing their passions with you!  Please contact them today so they can help you create and capture Sweet Memories!

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