Musical Activities & Games

One of the hardest parts of any get-together is finding activities to keep the kids occupied, while still having fun.  Sweet Memories is here to help!  We are already photographing the event and providing the delicious baked goods, why not let us entertain the kids, too? Lauren is a state certified music educator and has endless games, dances, songs, and instrument activities that the children will love.  We will have so much fun that the adults will want to join in!  

Our expertise is in working with children from birth through age 10.  Each event's activities will be catered to the specific ages in attendance.  If the children participating will be age 3 or younger, they will need to have a "buddy", age 16 or older, who can help them with the activities.  

Activity sessions can be as short as 10 minutes or run as long as 45 minutes.  When booking your event, be sure to let us know how many participants you expect, their ages, and how long you would like the activities to last.  Please let us know if you have any special requests for activities or have a participant with special needs. 

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